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Askham Hall is a large 18th century mansion house used as a hotel. The south wing contains a tower house with two wings that dates to perhaps the 14th century. It was reworked in the 16th century and again in the 18th - and to the rear is a service courtyard, post-medieval.

  • Closest To: Askham, Penrith
  • Access: Occasional Access
  • Grid Reference: NY51622394

Askham Hall is a large country house dating mainly to the 18th century, but the oldest part of the building is a tower and hall complex dating perhaps to the late 14th century, when the property was owned by the Sandford family. Robert de Sandford was a member of parliament under Edward III, and it was his second son Edmund who purchased the manor of Askham from Sir Robert Swinburne in 1373. It was Edmund who was most likely responsible for the erection of the tower and hall, which replaced the earlier structures of the Swinburnes. This structure, together with a wing on the north side of the old building believed to have contained a chapel, remained the main buildings on site for two centuries, when Thomas Sandford carried out extensions and refurbishments. These extensions included the addition of a northern and western wing to the T-shaped buildings, creating a service courtyard to the rear.

In about 1700, alterations were done to the old building, including the remodelling of the south-facing main facade, along with many changes to the windows and interiors. Much of this survives today. In 1710, William Tatham married Mildred Sandford, the elder of the two heiress daughters of William Sandford of Askham, and who inherited Askham in 1735, although the widowed Mrs Sandford remained there for five years. It was therefore the Sandfords who carried out the remodelling of Askham Hall. William and Mildred’s elder son died unmarried in 1775, and it was the two daughters of their second son John who inherited Askham. They elected to sell the hall to a Preston lawyer, and the trustees of his young heir sold Askham to the Earl of Lonsdale in 1815. Since Lowther Castle was demolished in 1937, Askham has been the family home of the Lowther family, and it is now a boutique hotel.

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