Achanelid Details

Achanelid, rectangular motte with bank ?enclosing bailey area on riverside site and surrounding ditch

  • Closest To: Clachan of Glendaruel
  • Access: S.O.A.C. Public Access
  • Grid Reference: NS006873

There are two mounds at Achanelid which have the potential to be considered mottes. The first is a small flat topped roundish hill just west of Achanelid Farm. The summit is flattish and has evidence of masonry around parts of the summit perimeter – although these could easily be post medieval and agricultural in nature. The site of the mound is defensive in nature and the mound itself may have been scarped to improve the natural features.

The second is a rectangular platform about 500m to the south. This is enclosed by marshy land within a loop of the River Ruel to the south and has evidence of a defensive ditch at the base of the platform. There are traces of a rectangular building on the flat summit, possibly a hall of medieval or post-medieval date. It is perhaps best visualised as a defensive hall-house on a raised platform. Suggestions of a bailey are vague, and may be misinterpreted drainage features.

Neither site has any known history, but it would be reasonable to assume that the lands hereabout were held by the Macdougalls and later on by the Campbells or their tenants.

HES Canmore database entry (west)

HES Canmore database entry (south)

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