Abertarff Castle

Abertarff Castle Details

Abertarff Castle, site of C12 earthwork castle of the Thirlestanes destroyed in MacWilliam rebellion 1228

  • Closest To: Fort Augustus
  • Access: Free Public Access
  • Grid Reference: NH3808

Abertarff Castle was a short lived castle erected by the Thirlestane family in the vicinity of Fort Augustus during the reign of Alexander II and destroyed during the MacWilliam rebellion of 1228. Probably built of timber, there are vague suggestions of earthwork defences in the vicinity of the old churchyard.

The fields around the burial ground are used for agriculture, and are not that accessible as a result. There are other possible locations for the castle, none of which can be ascertained with any degree of certainty. When the Frasers of Lovat were granted the area, they did not choose to built a castle here.

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