Aberdeen Castle

Aberdeen Castle Details

Aberdeen Castle, site of a vanished C13 royal castle destroyed 1308, and mid C17 fort now occupied by blocks of flats

  • Closest To: Aberdeen
  • Access: Free Public Access
  • Grid Reference: NJ946064

The site of Aberdeen Castle has been built over for a long time. As early as the 17th century the old castle site was repurposed as a civil war garrison and artillery fort, Built on high ground at the eastern end of the high street and overlooking the harbour area, the castle was in existence as a major royal centre in the reign of Alexander III, but had probably served the purpose since the burgh was established by David I in the 12th century.

Tradition states that the castle was destroyed by the burgesses of Aberdeen in the 14th century, although there is no contemporary reference to this event. Instead it was probably destroyed during the Wars of Independence, and never rebuilt to any great extent. Today the earthworks around the tower blocks built on the site are consistent with 17th century work; although excavation has found medieval remains beneath the car park, they were not what one might expect of a medieval castle.

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